Virtual Services

Are you extremely busy this summer and unable to make it in to visit us at SDSU Career Services? Don’t let this discourage you from working toward your career goals. SDSU Career Services is committed to helping all students achieve the skills necessary to be successful in the future, which is why we offer a variety of online services. When you log on in to Aztec Career Connection, check out these services:

  1. Big Interview is an awesome tool that gives you the chance to practice and perfect your interviewing skills. While you can’t control every aspect of your interview you can be well prepared and as ready as possible. Complimentary access to this and our other online services is available to all students while enrolled and to alumni for 90 days after graduation.
  2. One of the hidden gems of Aztec Career Connection is ProNet, our professional networking module. A growing number of alumni have registered and listed their contact information there, including the college, major, and degree they graduated with. These alumni are available for you to contact for informational interviews and to help you build your own network. To access ProNet, click the “networking” tab in the red navigation bar in Aztec Career Connection.
  3. As always, if you’re looking for a job, internship or volunteer opportunity we have a large database of openings online just for you. Our directory is updated frequently, so make sure to keep checking back for new opportunities.

Students, now is the time to get involved and start getting ahead. With school out, take some time out of your day to navigate our website and see what SDSU Career Services has to offer you. Don’t forget that we are open throughout the summer, so feel free to come on in and visit us, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM, with walk-ins from 1 – 2:45 PM Monday through Thursday, and 10 – 11:45 AM on Fridays.


Employer Services at SDSU


Employer Services at SDSU

Career Services builds employer, community and campus partnerships to create career opportunities for students. Here at SDSU Career Services, David Rodgers works closely with employers who connect to campus through on campus recruiting. To better understand how career services works hard to maintain these relationships with employers on campus I’ve asked David a couple of questions to clarify his position and how that directly relates to opportunities given to students from employers here at SDSU.
SDSUCS: What is your position and what does it consist of?

DR: My position is Scheduling & Recruiting Coordinator and consists of:
• On campus interview scheduling where I work with employers to confirm their interview schedules and notify students of the opportunity to interview on campus in career services.
• For our career fairs I create the on-line registration forms and monitor/approve employers that attend our fairs. This includes receiving, posting, accounting for and notifying employers about payments.
• Schedule information sessions and workshops/speed networking events and also notify students.
• Complete requests from employers for resume books.
• Send e-mails to notify students and employers of events, workshops, career fairs.
• Supervise a student assistant here in the employer services office.
• I trouble shoot any employer issues with access to our system or with difficulties scheduling or modifying their interview schedule, inviting students or other recruiting/scheduling issues.
• I run year end reports for the director and other reports as needed.
• I am the point of contact for third party recruiters and also review and approve those in our database.

SDSUCS: How long have you been working for Career services?

DR: I have worked in career services since Aug. 1999

SDSUCS: Can you tell me the process of recruiting employers for career fairs and on campus recruiting events?

DR: I send out an email to employer contacts once a semester to promote our on campus interviewing as well as our upcoming career fairs. This notice also informs the employers of other opportunities to recruit students through our office.

SDSUCS: If a student has employment opportunities for other students how do they approach this?

DR: The organization should register for an account on the Aztec Career Connection and once they are approved they can post their jobs and take part in other recruiting activities.

SDSUCS: Since you deal with employers first hand, what do you feel they are looking for in our students? (in terms of hiring them)

DR: I would say that some of the things employers look for in students is their motivation. Also, communication skills and relevant work experience through an internship.

Career Services will be open all summer long so if you have any questions for David or just want to stop by Career Services to get a better understanding of the employers involved with us, please feel free to stop by anytime Monday through Friday 8-4:30PM with walk in hours available 1-2:45 PM M-Th and 10-11:45AM on Fridays.

The Career Resource Room

Are you aware of what SDSU Career Services has to offer you?  Not only do we have an incredible staff that work hard to assist you, but we also have an entire room for you to use as a resource in furthering your career development.  Our resource specialist Patricia Nieves has great experience working in our career center and agreed to share with us what the career resource room has to offer you.

SDSU Career Services: Can you tell me about your position and what you do?

Patricia Nieves:  I’m the career resource coordinator and I basically oversee the entire behind the scene work, especially pertaining to our website.  For example this includes screening employers, checking for quality jobs to make sure they are worth students’ time, maintaining and managing the database, and also helping students/employers having problems with accessing our website.

SDSUCS:  What is the career resource room?

PN:  To sum it up the career resource room is a place where students can come and research career and employment opportunities.  Students can also use this room to study, ask me and my assistants any questions they may have and can also seek guidance about our entire career services department.  It’s really a “hidden gem” and a great resource for everyone.

SDSUCS: Do students need to make an appointment before coming?

PN: No not at all.  This room is open for the same amount of time as SDSU Career Services (8AM-4:30 PM M-F) and students should drop by whenever they have free time.

SDSUCS: What can students expect to gain by coming to the career services resource room?

PN: Depends on what you are looking for.  Here you always have the opportunity to learn something new and explore your career path.  The possibilities are endless.

SDSUCS:  Can you help students with finding jobs?

PN:  Well we aren’t really a job placement agency, but we do have all the tools necessary to help students with finding a job.  It really just depends on what the student is willing to put into it and what they are looking for.

SDSUCS: Is there anything else you would like to share with students about the career resource room and using it to help them with their career development?

PN:  Just take the time to stop by and explore that Career Services is really about.  People always learn something new at the resource room.  It is truly a good resource overall.

** Just as a reminder SDSU Career Services is available free of charge to all students and to alumni up to three months after graduation.  Come get to know us at SDSU Career Services and take advantage of the opportunities you have available to you while they are free.  Hope to see you soon~