#SDSUMentorMonday: A Student Perspective

A current SDSU student is sharing what her mentor in the Aztec Mentor Program gave to her:
Give an example of a significant conversation you’ve had with your mentor. What did you learn?
I choose to take on a lot in my daily life (especially while at school in order to make the most of my stay at SDSU). My mentor has helped me with many conversations regarding my work/life load and if those choices are benefiting or harming me based on whether or not I am spreading myself too thin to be able to do all things well.
How have you benefited professionally/personally from this mentoring connection?
My mentor is an overall happy person who wants to continue to better himself and his family. These align with my life goals as well. I have benefited immensely just knowing that if wonderful people like my mentor can make “it” happen, then I can too.
Why is mentoring important to you?
I am 28, and I have been through a lot, but there are always people who have been through different situations, or situations similar to yours, but had a different take on it. Mentoring is important because as a human race, we can learn so much from those who came before us if we are willing to listen. Listening gives us the advantage of not starting from the bottom. Rather, we spring off that knowledge that has already been gained and continue to move forward.
What impact has this or another mentoring connection had on your SDSU experience?
To know that there are people like this on campus or off campus but willing to positively influence an SDSU student’s college experience, only makes me more impressed with my choice to attend SDSU.
If you’re interested in being a mentor for a current Aztec, please sign up here: Become A Mentor
If you have any questions, reach out to use at amp@sdsu.edu

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