Student Highlight: Cooper Abrams

Cooper Abrams is a graduating senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Counseling and Social Change at San Diego State University.


SDSU CS:  How has/did Career Services and the Summer Internship Program aided you throughout your school years?

Cooper:  Career Services has provided me with a number of resources to help in applying for internships, including resume and internship workshops. Also, the staff always goes above and beyond to take care of students and make sure they feel comfortable asking for help.

SDSU CS: What services have/did you used at Career Services, including assessments, mock interviews, career counseling, job listings, on campus interviewing or others?

Cooper: I’m currently using the Aztec Mentor Program, and have used career counseling, internship workshops, employer panels, and resume builders.


SDSU CS: What Career Services and the Summer Internship Program events have/did you attended, such as Career Fairs, panel programs, student club or organizational presentations, class presentations?

Cooper: I have attended Career Fairs, panel programs, and student organization presentations.

SDSU CS: How would you evaluate the impact of SDSU Career Services and the Summer Internship Program on your career development?

Cooper: Without Career Services, the application and interview process for jobs and internships can appear daunting. However, since I began utilizing the resources and opportunities presented through Career Services, I’ve gained more confidence and a better understanding of what employers are looking for in college students. I feel up-to-date on the latest tips for navigating the application and interview process because of Career Services.

SDSU CS: What is/was your major? And are/were you involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?

Cooper: I’m majoring in Marketing with a minor in Counseling and Social Change. I recently completed an internship with 3M Company and traveled to Minnesota, Texas, Seattle, and Oregon. I’ve also been a member of the Business Honors Program, Aztec P.R.I.D.E., Rotaract, Toastmasters, Sophomore SURGE, Aztec Music Group, Mortar Board, Ambassadors, and Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Business Fraternity. Also, last Fall I was fortunate enough to have competed in Indiana University’s National Sales Competition and will compete in the CIBER International Business Case competition this Fall in Connecticut and Boston.

SDSU CS: What made you pick your internship?

Cooper: 3M has a partnership with a small number of universities across the country to facilitate the Frontline Sales Program, which is an 11-week internship that develops sales and marketing students for entry-level positions. Also, 3M is an excellent company that is known for constantly innovating and maintaining its reputation as one of the most ethical companies. I knew from speaking with former interns that 3M treats its employees extremely well, and provides opportunities to learn and grow within the company. Also, the internship itself allows students to travel and experience the day-to-day life of working for a large corporation.

SDSU CS: Has/did SDSU Career Services and the Summer Internship Program helped you prepare for entering the job market?

Cooper: Absolutely! SDSU Career Services has provided numerous resources such as career counseling, resume builders, and career fairs that have helped me understand what employers are looking for in college students.

SDSU CS: What advise/tips do you have for current SDSU students looking to get an internship and/or join the Summer Internship Program?

Cooper: The best advice I have for current SDSU students looking to get an internship is to go above and beyond in everything you do! Each email, phone call, and interaction you have with an employer is a representation of your brand, and you must understand the importance of maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the interview process. Utilize your network on campus and do not be afraid to reach out to anyone!

SDSU CS: What has been/was the most rewarding part of your internship?

Cooper: The most rewarding part was receiving a full-time offer at the conclusion of my internship.  

SDSU CS: What do you wish you knew before interning that you would like to share with other students?

Cooper: I would tell students to believe that they are fully capable of achieving whatever they want. Don’t let someone’s past experience determine yours, ask a lot of questions, and do not be afraid to speak up. Show up on time and bring a positive attitude, the rest will take care of itself.

SDSU CS: Would you recommend other students complete an internship?

Cooper: Yes, I think internships can serve two purposes: students will gain experience in a field they enjoy or realize they would like to take a different career path. In the end, an internship will give students a chance to apply their experiences and knowledge gained in the classroom to a “real-world” experience.

Cooper has already achieved so much and he hasn’t even graduated yet! Way to go! 

To learn more about services we offer such as the Aztec Mentor Program or the Summer Internship Program be sure to visit our website or you can give us a call at (619) 594-6851.



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