*Updated* Alumni Spotlight: Curtis Michael Davis

Curtis Michael Davis graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Computer Science in May 2015.


SDSU CS: Were you involved on campus? If so, how?

Curtis: A little, I worked part time, so involvement wasn’t big. I spent some time with the Student African American Brotherhood though.

SDSU CS: How did Career Services aid you in your search?

Curtis: Last semester, I really wanted to find employment using my degree. I used the WorkAbility IV program Career Services offers. I worked with Tina Little and Jeanette Meliska-Romero. They helped me create a resume that landed me a position at eIntern, a professional IT service company.

workability Iv

SDSU CS: What is you new position?

Curtis: My new position is Software Developer, paid, and I’ll be relocating to Washington, D.C.

SDSU CS: Any additional comments?

Curtis: The transition from being a student to joining the workforce will be rough. You want to start thinking about working in your field early on in college career and envisioning yourself working at a professional level. It is very important that you enjoy what you are studying; that makes it easier to put in the work necessary to do well in your classes. See what internship opportunities are available as early as your sophomore year. An internship will help you see how what you are studying relates to your career after college and you’ll be better prepared to explain to employers how you can contribute to the success of their company.

We’d like to congratulate Curtis on his success and we hope the transition to Washington, D.C. is smooth!

We caught up with Curtis this month to get an update on how he was settling into his new career and here’s what he said:

Curtis: The internship at eIntern, now called Revature, didn’t quite work out. But in hindsight, I think it was for the best. Based on the feedback of people I have met who have completed the training, their experience with the company has not been positive.

I returned to San Diego and continued my search for a better opportunity. After 7 months, I accepted a job offer for Software Engineer with Northrop Grumman. The pay is excellent, full benefits are provided, and the nature of their work is quite interesting, with a big impact on the world.
There are at least three important things to learn from this experience.
– If you do find an opportunity, but it doesn’t turn out like you hoped, don’t be discouraged. Something better can come along. You just have to keep putting your name in the pot.
– Find a company that you feel you have the best shot at obtaining a career with (based on how much they are hiring and the number of people you know who work with or have worked with the company in some capacity). Then be persistent in applying for jobs with the company and being a part of all the events they are attending or hosting
– While you’re at school, make as many connections as possible. Ask questions in class and get familiar with your professors. Attend group study sessions and join clubs. One of the interviewers at Northrop Grumman was actually a former teaching assistant in one of my classes who remembered me. I’m sure that helped a lot.
Big thanks to Tina Little and WorkAbility IV for not letting me give up and letting me know of any networking opportunity available.
We are so proud of Curtis and his ability to bounce back and find another career that worked well with him!

To learn more about WorkAbility IV and the other services our office offers, be sure to visit our website or you can give us a call at (619) 594-6851.


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