Fall for Career Services


The Fall 2016 semester is jam packed with plenty of workshops and events for everyone. We are already well under way into the semester and have had great success with the events we have put on thus far. Just to familiarize you with the types of events we put on here at Career Services, here is an overview of what you can utilize to help you become Career Ready!

Career Fairs

We hold several career fairs in the fall to reach every major and academic level. Career fairs are important to attend because you are given the chance to explore potential career paths, network with employers, and identify career opportunities. In Sdownloadeptember, we held our annual Fall Career and Internship Fair which was very successful. This month, we have our final two career fairs for Fall. On October 13th, we will be having our Graduate and Professional School Fair from 10:00am-2:30pm in Montezuma Hall. The STEM Career Fair will take place on October 26th from 10:00am-2:30pm in Montezuma Hall as well.

Take advantage of these upcoming opportunities to meet employers and alumni who want to talk to you about their occupations and employment opportunities.


imagesCareer Services holds workshops in our office almost daily. These workshops range from resume writing to professional dress to utilizing social media for personal branding. They are all  designed to help you explore potential career paths, enhance your skills, and prepare you for success in your job search and career development process. Every workshop is held in SSE 1200 and promoted on our various social media outlets.

For more information and an event calendar, visit our website at career.sdsu.edu.



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