Revamp Your Resume with Study Abroad Experience

If you have spent time studying abroad, this is your chance to shine and highlight the skills and experiences that make you extra-special and set you apart from your competitors.

No matter where you are in your study abroad experience — just starting to think about it, already diving off the deep end or wrapping your experience up — here are some tasks you should undertake to polish up your resume.


1. Plan to study abroad. Visit this website,, in order to explore the many study abroad opportunities SDSU has to offer.

2. List goals for what you would like to accomplish — skills you want to gain, other things you want to learn, etc.


3. Study the language (it’s the most marketable skill you can gain during your global adventure). Whether or not it’ll be a mastered language before you leave, take the time to continue to grow that skill beyond your study abroad experience.

4. Get an internship to add some international spice to your work experience (if your stay is long enough that is).

5. Broaden your horizons and meet new people you would otherwise never meet (this is called expanding your network).


6. Reflect on how this experience changed you as a person and gave you new skills. Use this opportunity to tweak your objective on your resume if your study abroad experience has altered your goals.

7. Create a separate sub-heading for your study abroad experience under the education section on your resume. It is different from your other educational experience and it deserves the spotlight in its own space.

8. Highlight your new skills. So, you just had an adventure for a semester abroad, out of your comfort zone. What did you learn? You just had a new life experience that lasted a decent amount of time; odds are you have some new skills that your future employers would love to hear about. Maybe you learned a language, or how to adapt, etc. Either way, add your new-found skills to your resume.

  • You can include bullet points underneath to elaborate on the transferable skills you developed and the courses you took abroad.

9. Most importantly, understand how your real experiences relate to those skills that you have gained. That way, when you make it to the next big step, you can articulate that connection in an interview!

Need more help with your resume? You can visit us during Walk-In hours (M-Th: 1-2:45 pm, F: 10-11:45 am) or call and schedule an appointment at (619) 594-6851.


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