Tips for Choosing a Major

Choosing a major may seem like a daunting task, but here are some tips to help lighten the load.

Self-Assessment: Spend time assessing your interests, values, strengths, abilities, personal qualities, and skills. Career Services offers various personality and interest assessments, workshops, and courses in this area.

Talk with Others: Talk with your advisor, professors, professionals, family, friends, and career counselors about how majors can match your interests and skills. Talk to the departments you would like to explore in order to learn more.

Network: It’s never too soon to begin building a network. Get to know your professors and academic advisors. Build relationships with student in your class, as they are apart of your network as well. Join clubs, organizations, and professional organizations that fit your interests.

Explore Options: Visit our Career Resource Room to gather information about various careers that you are interested in exploring. Attend career fairs, make an appointment with a counselor or

Gain Experience:  Working in an area that you are interested in is a great way of testing whether a job or major is right for you. Working helps you discover your strengths, interests, and skills. Career Services’ Aztec Career Connection has so many opportunities both paid and unpaid so you can really learn if that interest is a fit for you.

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