250 Words or Less: Career Fair Introductions

Introductions at a career fair can be so important for your first impression with a recruiter.

Follow the Formula

Students should provide the following information during their introductions:

  • Name
  • Class: Senior, Junior, etc
  • Major
  • Opportunities you are seeking
  • Relevant Experience: work, internships, volunteer work
  • Highlight of skills and strengths
  • Knowledge of the company: Prior to the career fair be sure to research the companies you’re interested in speaking with

Tailor your introduction to each employer based on good research of the company – this is known to be impressive with recruiters.

Ask an Engaging Question

Asking a good question will engage the employer in conversation and show high interest in the company. Some suggestions of good questions include:

  • Could you tell me more about the new (product) you are developing?
  • Could you tell me more about your financial management training program?

Some things you should avoid asking should include:

  • Asking what the company does
  • Asking of the company has any jobs
  • When asked what type of position you are seeking, saying you would be willing to do anything.

Using the simple formula above, introductions at career fairs are going to be so much easier. Just remember to do your research and come prepared with handshakes and smiles.


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