250 Words or Less: A Few Tips on Building a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can consist of a tough to please crowd, but here are some helpful tips to make it that much easier.

Craft an informative profile headline

  • Think of the headline as the slogan to your personal brand, such as: “Student, San Diego State University” or “Recent honors grad seeking positions in marketing.” Checking profiles of alumni, professors, or whomever you look up to, will help give you ideas.
  • Here’s an article to help you craft that headline

Pick an appropriate photo

Show off your education

  • Include all the institutions you’ve attended, major, minor, and highlights of your activities. Study abroad programs are also great experiences to add. Your LinkedIn profile is an appropriate place to show off your strong GPA and/or any honor and awards you have won.

Share your work

  • Add examples of your writing, design work or other accomplishments by displaying URLs or adding LinkedIn applications. URLs can take viewer to your website, blog, Twitter, etc., while through applications, you can share a PowerPoint or store a downloadable version of your resume.

Claim your unique LinkedIn URL

  • To increase the professional results that appear when people type your name into a search engine, set your profile to public and claim a unique URL for your profile.

Develop a professional summary

  • Your summary statement should resemble the first few paragraphs of your best written cover letter – concise and confident. Include relevant internships, volunteer work, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Here’s an article on writing a great summary

We hope you take this advice and continue to create an excellent profile. Next week, we’ll have more tips for you.

Visit us at career.sdsu.edu to see how else we can help you.


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