Student Highlight: Melissa Navarro

“Never give up on your dreams, regardless the situation.”

Melissa Navarro, Class of 2015

SDSU CS: What school/s did you attend? What degree/s have you earned?
I graduated from SDSU in May 2015 with a degree in Statistics with Emphasis in Statistical Computing.
SDSU CS: Where do you work and what’s your position title?
I recently got hired by Leidos to work as a Data Analyst at the Naval Health Research Center.
SDSU CS: Did you utilize Career Services during your time here? If so, what services did you try? Were they successful in helping you?
I was enrolled in the Workability Program and Jeanette was my counselor. I constantly went to talk to Jeanette for help on job applications and other advice to land a job. I attended every workshop I can get my hands on, topics such as interview skills, resume and cover letter, and business etiquette. I also utilized mock interviews, big interview, and Aztec Career Connection for more information on events and to practice my interviews. Yes, I became more confident while interviewing, knew how to dress professionally, and how to respond to common interview questions. Career services played a huge role in helping me obtain this job.
SDSU CS: What was it like to transition from student to professional and what advice do you have for the next round of graduates?
It is a hard transition, from studying so many hours to not seeing a homework assignment. Find useful activities to do. Volunteer in your community or join a professional organization. I am currently a member of the SAS users group in San Diego. Also, ask questions if you don’t understand something, don’t assume because then misunderstandings come into place.
SDSU CS: Is there anything you would like the students to know or learn from you? 
Never give up on your dreams, regardless the situation. I am a first generation college graduate in my family, have a disability, and had to work since I was 15 years old to support myself. I was born and raised by my mother in Imperial Valley. I had to work and go to school at the same time – at one point I had 2 jobs. I will always remember studying, doing homework, then looking at the clock and it was time to go work. I struggled so much, but regardless of my situation, I never gave up. Many people told me to change my major that I was not able to handle it. I didn’t care what anyone said I was going to accomplish my dream, at all costs and I did it! I was the only college graduate in SDSU in spring 2015 that obtained the degree of Statistics with an Emphasis in Statistical Computing.  I utilized any resources I had from school, workability, career services, and trio support services. I met amazing individuals that helped me through this hard journey and it was basically my support system. Motivation, determination, and being optimistic were some attributes that got me through this journey. Never give up, if you ever fail get up and keep on going. Don’t ever feel you are useless or not smart enough. Follow your dreams and learn, learn, learn!!!!! Knowledge is power!
To learn more about what Career Services can do for you and your career needs, call us at (619) 594 – 6851 or visit us on our website.

One thought on “Student Highlight: Melissa Navarro

  1. Glad to see such spirit in someone so young. I have the honor to know Melissa,and to see her achieve her goals trough hard work,consistency and a lot of sleepless nights is something rewarding,and she is right on the spot when she says “knowledge is power”,and above all,consistency and preserverance are the key along with knowledge.

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