Help You Can Access No Matter the Time: Online Resources

We’re going to take some time to highlight some of the online services we have available  for our Aztecs.



This is a career assessment tool that helps focus career decisions by providing individualized information about personality preference, career satisfaction, and career options. This can be used to help with areas such as choosing a major, investigating occupations, and graduate school.

Big Interview

Big Interview is a learning tool used to enhance your interviewing skills. You can video record your responses and review them or share with others. The technology spans over 20 different industries, even allows you to chose the level of difficulty, and has more resources to help you prepare for the big day!

Going Global

Going Global Career and Employment Resources include world-wide job openings, internship listings, industry profiles, and country-specific career information. More than 30,000 pages of constantly updated content is included on various topics.

To learn more about each of these services or to access them visit us here or give us a call at (619) 594 – 6851. In order to access all of these, you must first log on or create an Aztec Career Connection profile.


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