Career Services Highlight: Kristi Kelly, Ed.D.

Kristi Kelly, Associate Director for Employment Development and Campus Planning of Career Services, shares a little more about herself, about our services, and some nice tips for our readers.

Kristy Kelly, Ed.D.

Kristi Kelly, Ed.D.

SDSU CS: What school/s did you attend and what degree/s was/were earned?

Johnson C. Smith University – Undergrad, Sociology Major, Lewis University – Grad school, Master of Arts and Doctorate in Educational Leadership

SDSU CS: Did you have a Career Services office at the above mentioned schools? If so, how much help did you receive from them? If not, do you believe it would’ve been beneficial to have one?

Yes, Career Services was available at both University’s. In undergrad and grad school I didn’t utilize the offices; however, I grew to learn their importance after starting my career in career counseling and workforce development as a higher education and employment/vocational training professional. As I grew to understand the purpose(s) of a career center, I became one of this area’s biggest cheerleaders.

SDSU CS: What’s your favorite service we offer and why?

Career assessments as the can are fairly helpful in helping students explore their interest, skills, and values.

SDSU CS: What’s a service we offer that you see students don’t use as often as they should?

Applying for the jobs/internships that are available via Aztec Career Connection.

SDSU CS: What’s your number 1 tip for resumes?

Customize (target) the resume so that it speaks to the job that is being sought.

SDSU CS: What’s your tip for once you land the job/internship?

Be proactive, take initiative, and learn as much as possible all while being humble.

In order to see all the services we offer, visit us here:

To start applying for jobs/internships, be sure to have an account with us on Aztec Career Connection here:


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