500 Words or Less: How to Find an Internship

Looking for internships can be tough, but here are a few tips for your search!


1. Visit Aztec Career Connection

Aztec Career Connection is a website that is designed just for San Diego State students and alumni. There can be a thousand postings at any time including: internships (paid and unpaid),  full time and part time jobs, on-campus or off-campus, and even volunteer opportunities to build that resume! Visit us here: Aztec Career Connection. If you’ve never logged on, you’ll find it to be quite easy.


2. Visit Your Major Department Office

Some majors require you to complete an internship.  Some employers will require you to earn credit while completing an internship with their organization.  Or you may want to have an internship course on your transcript. If any of this applies to you, consult the Department Internship Contact for your major/program. If you are completing an unpaid internship, you MUST be enrolled in an internship course. Follow this link: https://goo.gl/OlXER7 and you will find the contacts for each major’s internships.

magnifying-glass-clipart-biy5E46iL3. Widen Your Search & Visit Trustworthy Websites

  • General internship programs


4. You Can Visit Us 

We have options for you to come and visit us in person. You can visit the Career Resource Room here in our office that has a billboard with internship opportunities. We also have Fast 15 Walk-Ins, M – TH 1 – 2:45 pm and F from 10 – 11:45 am (no appointment needed). We also offer 1 hour appointments with counselors. If you would like to make an appointment, call (619) 594 – 6851.

computer-mouse-clipart-black-and-white-computer-mouse-clipart-black-and-white5. Join Us for Our Internship Workshop Series

We offer workshops entitled Internships 101, 201, & 301 to learn all that you need to know. These are being offered this summer as follows:

  • Internship 101: July 7th 2 -3 pm
  • Internship 201: July 14th 2 – 3 pm
  • Internship 301: July 21st 2 – 3 pm

Join us for this series in SSE 1200, it’s a good one! You can RSVP here.

Thank you for reading. Visit us online, call us, stop by, and good luck on the search!mr-happy-hi


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