Technology Assurance Group: Accounting Internships

Technology Assurance Group Internship Opening

TAG’s Internship Program

TAG has developed a very successful college internship program that provides college students with an excellent opportunity to grow in their respective fields, apply what they’re learning in the classroom in the real world, and learn from a talented team of business professionals. We take the time to truly understand our interns’ professional aspirations and enhance their knowledge and skill sets in business. TAG’s senior management mentors and coaches interns in their respective field of interest as well as exposes them to all aspects of business and entrepreneurship.

We are looking for an Accounting Intern to join our team. This position will work within the corporate accounting group, and will report directly to the Controller.

This Accounting Intern position is a great opportunity that will provide direct access to upper-level management, help facilitate professional growth, and build strong communication and analytical skills.

Accounting Intern Responsibilities:

  • Review accounting records to ensure coding accuracy
  • Perform monthly reconciliation of complex commission tracking and reporting
  • Process incoming and outgoing payments
  • Assist with analysis and planning of cash flow requirements
  • Assist with preparation of monthly/quarterly financial statements and analysis
  • Ensure financial compliance with GAAP requirements while compiling financial information

Accounting Intern Requirements:

  • Completed at least two years towards a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
  • Demonstrates conceptual thinking ability, the ability to work well in teams and form partnerships to complete projects, and excellent communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel


  • $12/hr

If you are looking for an Accounting Internship opportunity with a dynamic and progressive organization, then please apply today!

Contact Tim Schatz at 858-946-2109

10920 Via Frontera #410
San Diego, CA 92127

Here are some testimonials from former and current interns:

“Working with TAG is like getting paid to earn an MBA…and apply it. The leadership at TAG care about you as a person, and you will finish your internship not only as an elite businessman/woman, but as a better person in life in general. You will work hard, be expected to grow and will have firsthand access to outstanding mentors in every area of business. To put it in perspective, hundreds of CEOs across the nation are paying thousands of dollars every month in order to get advice from them. Working for TAG altered the course of my life for the better and I am deeply thankful to have been given the chance to invest my time, heart and mind in this organization.” Zach Luczynski, San Diego State University

“Applying my knowledge I absorbed from school to real life brought everything I learned to full circle, and has propelled me to the position that I am in today.  The best part of the program is that TAG always put education first, not just at school but in real life. We are constantly learning and evolving, and it keeps things interesting. I am privileged to retain with me the commitment and culture I learned from TAG’s internship program throughout my professional and personal life.” Nancy Ma, San Diego State University

 “TAG’s internship program is an amazing experience! I have learned just as much about business through my time in this program as my time in the classroom. The management team spent valuable time not only training me on my internship position but they educated me on every aspect of the business. I felt that I made an immediate contribution to TAG and my experience will benefit me the rest of my career.” AJ Odish, current TAG Intern

We hope you found this useful. Apply, apply, apply!


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