Tina Gov, Career Counselor, San Diego State University

Tina Gov, Career Counselor, shares her experience and background with Career Services. She also takes the time to share great advice for your professional path.

Tina Gov, M.S. | Career Counselor

  1.  What school/s did you attend and what degree/s was/were earned?

I earned my Master of Science in College Counseling & Student Development at Azusa Pacific University and my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

  1. Did you have a Career Services office at the above mentioned schools? If so, how much help did you receive from them? If not, do you believe it would’ve been beneficial to have one?

Both universities mentioned above have a Career Services office. I utilized the Career Center at Cal Poly Pomona as early as my first semester of my freshman year! I took the STRONG Interest Inventory and got it interpreted by a career counselor. In my junior year, I decided to take the “CPU 100: Career & Personal Exploration” course in order to help me solidify what I want to do with my major in Psychology. The course was taught by David Craig, Career Counselor at Cal Poly Pomona, whom I still keep in touch with!  I became very interested in career counseling, but still had a strong interest in getting a graduate degree in Psychology. Therefore, I scheduled a one hour appointment with a career counselor during my senior year. I scheduled one during the Fall Quarter and another one during the Spring Quarter. As a result of my great experience with Cal Poly Pomona’s Career Center, I decided to pursue my graduate degree in College Counseling and Student Development. I did my graduate assistantship at APU’s Career Services during my first year of graduate school, so I stayed connected and received a lot of support and guidance from the staff at APU’s Career Services. In addition, I utilized Pomona College’s Career Development Office while searching for a full-time position after graduate school.

A special shout out and thanks to Career Services staff from Cal Poly Pomona, Azusa Pacific University, and Pomona College. These individuals include: David Craig, Lynn Pearson, Doug Stude, Julia Russell Toothacre, Thomas Eng, Marcela Rojas, Terry Preuit, Hannah Pickar, Patricia Duran, Viviana Villanueva, and Trinette Briggs.

  1. What’s your favorite service we offer and why?

My favorite service we offer are networking opportunities for students. Any time students can network with professionals or SDSU alums is always great because “you are either networking or not working!” This includes programs like the Aztec Mentor Program, Evening w/ Industry, Career Fairs, and other events that connect students with professionals.

  1. What’s a service we offer that you see students don’t use as often as they should?

Students should take advantage of our on-campus interviews! Employers who conduct on-campus interviews are looking to hire our fellow Aztecs! This includes companies such as Aldi, HP, Deloitte, PepsiCo, and Target. These companies hire for internship, part-time, and full-time opportunities!

  1. What’s your number 1 tip for resumes?

Just one tip? In that case, appearance is key! First impressions make lasting impressions. This applies to your resume as well. If an employer only takes six seconds to review your resume, you want to make sure you immediately attract the employer. It is important to selectively apply bold and italicize words that assist in guiding the employer’s eyes. If an employer glimpse at your resume for six seconds, he/she should be able to capture a summary of your experiences right away.

  1. What’s your tip for once you land the job/internship?

Always go above and beyond and never stop challenging yourself. Just because you are done with school, doesn’t mean you stop learning. Knowledge is power and it is the one thing no one could take away from you!

P.S. Tina says, “If you haven’t visit Career Services yet, please come and stop by! We are all here to help you succeed in your career journey! :)”

To learn more about the services mentioned above or to make your 1-hour appointment, visit us here.


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