Class of 2015: Jessica H. Macias

Jessica Macias, a recent graduate with a B.A. in English Single Subject Teaching, says, “SDSU’s Career Services is very impactful.”


Jessica H. Macias – Bachelor of Arts in English Single Subject Teaching

SDSU CS: How has Career Services aided you throughout your school years?

When I was deciding to switch my major from Journalism to English Single Subject Teaching, I was having a difficult time making sure it was the right decision. I visited Career Services to take the career test. The result was clear that I was made to be a teacher. Career Services helped aid the process of switching majors.


SDSU CS:  What services have you used at Career Services, including assessments, mock interviews, career counseling, job listings, on campus interviewing or others?\

I have used career counseling and career assessments. Also, Career Services representatives would visit the student organization I was a part of to hold mock interviews.


SDSU CS: How would you evaluate the impact of SDSU CS?

SDSU’s Career Services is very impactful. It helped me maneuver my way through college by the showing me down the right path.

SDSU CS: Has SDSU CS is helped you prepare for entering the job market?

SDSU’s Career Services helped me prepare for the job market by providing me with resources and tips.

SDSU CS: Any additional comments?

I am grateful that SDSU provides students with this program. It impacts so many people.

To find out more about the services she’s acknowledging and more, visit us here:



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