Connecting to Career Services: Student Highlight

Hayley Moreno, a graduating senior, shared with us her experience utilizing our services. She majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management and will upon graduation enter the Starwood’s management training program.
Hayley Moreno - Graduating senior

Hayley Moreno – Graduating senior


SDSU Career Services: How has Career Services aided you throughout your school years?

Career Services has been a resource for perfecting my resume, given me practice in preparing for interviews, encouraged me to create a LinkedIn account, provided answers to any business professional questions I may have encountered, and allowed me the opportunity to share my experiences with others and attend networking events and workshops.

 SDSU CS: What services have you used at Career Services, including assessments, mock interviews, career counseling, job listings, on campus interviewing or others?

I would drop by at least once every semester to check for new handouts, I met with advisors to review my resume, I did a mock interview, attended several workshops, and utilized Aztec Career Connection and Big Interview.

I also attended several career fairs and workshops over the years.

SDSU CS: How would you evaluate the impact of SDSU CS?

I think it can be very beneficial if you utilize all resources available. There are endless career, internship, and networking opportunities. Career services is a great resource; students just have to take advantage of it while they prepare to enter the working world.

SDSU CS: What is your major? And are you currently involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?

My major is Hospitality and Tourism Management; my emphasis is Hotel Operations and Management. I did two internships in my time here and will be doing Starwood’s management training program in New York City after I graduate.

 SDSI CS: Has SDSU CS helped you prepare for entering the job market?

CS definitely gave me a leg up on entering the job market. Since I started coming my freshman year, I had a LinkedIn before my peers and more interviewing experience than several of my classmates. By volunteering my time sharing my internship experiences with other students, it further propelled me to get involved and work hard. And now I am starting my dream program in my dream company in an incredible city!

 Learn more about Career Services here.

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