Employer Highlight: City Year

Erica J. Eddings is a West Coast Regional Recruitment Manager at City Year. She has been working there for two years.

SDSU Career Services: As an employer of SDSU interns and/or alumni, what are the strengths of SDSU interns/graduates? Commitment to the community, preparedness at fairs and career events, and idealism

What benefit do you get from employing them?  Passionate young leaders in our workforce

What keeps you hiring SDSU interns/graduates?  Building a strong staff foundation with diverse talents and people

SDSU CS: What is your academic background? Bachelor’s of Arts, Business Administration.

SDSU CS: Did you complete an internship during college? Tell us briefly about that experience and what was the most important thing you got out of your experience. 

Internship #1 (summer after freshman year) – U.S. Supreme Court, intern in Marshall’s Office.  Worked with staff in chambers to complete various projects, attend sessions to take notes and report back summary.  Most important thing I learned, was to be great and learn a lot, as it led to my job after college.

Internship #2 (summer after sophomore year) – Six Flags of America, interned as Complex Manager.  Managed three concession stands, while creating trainings, programs, and marketing materials for staff operations.  Most important thing I learned, was how to support and manage others in a fast-paced environment.

Internship #3 (Summer after junior year, and fall semester of senior year) – Thiel College Admissions, interned in marketing and campaign creation, and providing individual experiences to families visiting the school.  Most important thing I learned, feel free to speak up.  If your idea is not used, another time will present itself.

SDSU CS: Please give us a brief explanation of your personal work journey.

I attended Thiel College in Greenville, PA, where I was active in numerous student organizations and service groups on campus and received a bachelors in Business Administration.  After graduation, I returned home to the DC area to work for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; where I served as a liaison to members of congress and their staff, developed press releases, and planned numerous programs and events from health expos to legislative conferences.

In 2007 I moved to LA, to work at UCLA in the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) as the External Affairs Coordinator, managing outreach initiatives with local government and corporations.  After a few years, managing CNSI’s high school outreach program.  In this capacity, I worked with graduate students to design and run science workshops for local high school science teachers to take back to their classrooms.

Committed to education and service, I am now the Regional Recruitment Manager at City Year, a non-profit committed to reducing the nationwide high school dropout rate.  As a recruiter, I build community and relationships, facilitate leadership and development workshops, and find passionate emerging leaders at schools across southern California.

SDSU CS: What is one piece of advice you would want current SDSU students to know about being an intern? Maximize the opportunity in learning everything about the company and different roles, and leave with a strong network.

SDSU CS: What is one piece of advice would you want current students to know about being in the Non-Profit industry? Days can be long, while pay is short, but the feeling of impact is rewarding.

SDSU CS: What is one thing you wish you knew about the Non-Profit industry before you entered it? Work for an organization that invests as much into its staff as the cause, and the mission hits close to home. Makes work not seem much like work!

SDSU CS: Anything you would like to add? Find what you love, and make a career of it. Stay involved in the community, support youth programs, and be a big citizen.  If we all played our part, what a wonderful world this would be.

Learn more about City Year here.


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