Connecting to Career Services: Student Highlight

Javier, a communication major, agreed to share with us his experience at SDSU and utilizing our career services.
Javier Inzunza - Communication major at SDSU

Javier Inzunza – Communication major 

SDSU Career Services: What year are you in school?
I am senior and I am graduating in two more semesters.
SDSU CS: Throughout your college career, how have you utilized our services?
I was lucky enough to find out about career services on my second semester at state. I used almost all of the features career services offers to its students, but the ones I used the most were the career counselors and the mock interviews, which let me say were very helpful in obtaining the internship I have now.
SDSU CS: What is your major? And are you currently involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?
I am majoring in Communication and getting a minor in Social Media. I am currently a Public Information Management intern at the Public Utilities Department. I am working on their Social Media Platforms. I was also involved in the Department’s Annual Review Presentation and in its new branding campaign.

SDSU CS: Has Career Services helped you prepare for the job market?

 Yes, it definitely helped me prepare and obtain a very cool internship! I will recommend everyone to go and check out the opportunities offered by Career Services at SDSU!   

SDSU CS: Do you have any additional comments​ you would like to share with fellow Aztecs?
If you want to stand out as a competent and experienced individual make sure to apply and get  an internship. Also, remember that having an education is very important, but having the experience is imperative for getting a job. Start early and do not procrastinate fellow Aztecs, take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Career Services. Get out there and see what your major is all about, and most importantly, have fun out there.
Learn more about Career Services workshops and events on Aztec Career Connection.

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