Student Highlight

Aaron Penne shared with us some of his experience at SDSU and with our services. 
Aaron Penne - SDSU student

Aaron Penne – SDSU student

SDSU Career Services: What year are you in school?
I am graduating this semester!
SDSU CS: Throughout your college career, how have you utilized our services?
Honestly, the student panel was the first time I have been involved with Career Services. Great experience though, being able to share some tips with students who haven’t gone through it all yet. I would have loved the Internship Boot Camp when I was looking for jobs!
SDSU CS: What is your major? And are you currently involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?
My major is Electrical Engineering. I am an intern at General Atomics working on troubleshooting the Electromagnetic Advanced Launcher System (EMALS) for the new class of aircraft carriers. It is great being able to meet people and learn from their experiences.

SDSU CS: Has Career Services is helped you prepare for entering the job market?The resume and interview tips available in the center were helpful when getting ready to apply.

SDSU CS: Do you have any additional comments​ you would like to share with fellow Aztecs?
Anyone who wants to get a full education while in college should get an internship in their field, or close to it. Academia is great for getting a foundation, but the real world of industry has a vast number of differences. Students don’t get that preparation or exposure from class. My internships have taught me valuable lessons and have not only complemented my education, but were essential to it. Everyone should check out what the Career Services center has to offer!

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