Aztec Mentor Program Highlights



The Aztec Mentor Program pairs SDSU alumni with students to provide guidance regarding their professional growth and career objectives. AMP started in Spring 2011 with 22 matches and grew to over 450 matches this Spring 2015.

AMP Kick-off flyer-07

The Aztec Mentor Program kick-off celebration is Friday, March 13th, at 8:30am in Montezuma Hall. Attendance is mandatory for all mentees. It will also be a great opportunity to network with SDSU alumni, other students in the program and of course your mentor!

Who has been involved in the program?

Many alumni with diverse backgrounds have signed up to be mentors to SDSU students. Students have the opportunity to select mentors based on their interests, industries and majors. Alumni such as Allen Sliwa from ESPN LA, Jenny Amaraneni co-founder of SOLO Eyewear and Candace Brenner from Sony Entertainment are just a few of the accomplished SDSU Alums who are part of AMP.

What are the results and benefits for the students?

Students have been able to connect with the nationwide SDSU Alumni Network. Due to the guidance they received from mentors, some students have secured internships and jobs at companies such as the Union Tribune, Northrup Grumman and 3M. Students have the chance to work on their cover letter and resume as well as their interviewing skills.

What are the mentors’ motivations and rewards? 

Here are some comments Career Services has received from Aztec Mentors.

“The Aztec Mentor Program allows alumni the chance to give back and to participate in the professional growth of fellow Aztecs.”

“It is the opportunity to support students, encourage them and share advice during their transition from students to employees.”

“It is rewarding to see that the students become more confident in professional settings and achieve their goals.”

Have you had any internships? Have you been part of the Aztec Mentor Program? Have you worked on your professional skills with Career Services? We want you to share your story with us! Email your story to


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