STEM Campus Conversations Highlights

The STEM Campus Conversation will be tomorrow, February 24th, at 4 PM, in the Career Resource Room (Student Services East 1200).

Mr. Pedro Orso-Delgado will be one of the panelists and agreed to answer some questions. He was named the City of Santee’s Deputy City Manager/Director of Development Services in August 2009. He provides executive management support to the City Manager in overseeing City departments and operations.

SDSU Career Services: As an employer of SDSU interns and/or alumni, what are the strengths of SDSU interns/graduates?  

Pedro Edro Orso

Pedro Orso-Delgado

They are eager to learn and help out in anyway and get experience in a real life job.

What benefit do you get from employing them?

To be honest they provide cheap labor and we get a chance to test drive the students to see if we would hire them.

What keeps you hiring SDSU interns/graduates?

The quality of their work.

SDSU CS: What is your academic background?

I’m a Registered Civil Engineer class of 84 from SDSU.

SDSU CS: Please give us a brief explanation of your personal work journey.

I was hired as a graduate of SDSU in 3/84 at Caltrans and worked there for 25 years. Then the last 9 years as the Regional Director for San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Then in 2009 I took the position as Deputy City Manager and Director of Development Services and in May 2014 I became the Acting City Manager.

SDSU CS: What is one piece of advice you would want current SDSU students to know about being an intern?

Be humble to the opportunity to serve as an intern, we had interns that believe that what they are doing for us in beneath them.

SDSU CS:What is one thing you wish you knew about the STEM industry before you entered it?

In my day we did not know that such a term existed, but I did know I wanted to be a Civil Engineer.

Make sure you attend the Campus Conversation tomorrow and get a chance to network with professionals from the STEM industry.


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