Connecting to Career Services: Student Highlight

Kristina Morales is a SDSU undergraduate student. She is a fifth year and shared with us her experience using our services.

SDSU Career Services: How has Career Services aided you throughout your school years?

  • Career Services presented me with beneficial opportunities and services that were helpful throughout my years at SDSU. I was introduced to internship and work opportunities. Career Services also helped me with polishing my resume and personal statement for my dietetic internship application.

SDSU CS: What services have you used at Career Services, including assessments, mock interviews, career counseling, job listings, on campus interviewing or others?

  • I have used their online Aztec Career Connection service, resume services, personal statement services, and Peace Corps Workshops.

SDSU CS: What Career Services events have you attended, such as Career Fairs, panel programs, student club or organizational presentations, class presentations?

  • I have attended the two Discover Your Dream Professional Panel Events that was a collaborative event put on by the College of Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, and Career Services.

SDSU CS: How would you evaluate the impact of SDSU Career Services?

  • Career Services has impacted my experiences as a student greatly. They presented great internship opportunities that have helped me enhance my skills that will help me for my future endeavors. Their services have also helped prepare me to feel confident in entering the professional world.

SDSU CS: What is your major? And are you currently involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?

  • My major is Foods and Nutritional Sciences. I am currently a Retail Program Intern for Network for Healthy California. I am also involved in multiple organizations on campus such as the Student Nutrition Organization, HeadSTRONG, Recreation and Wellness Commission, Associated Students, and the College of Health and Human Services Council. I am also a member of my professional organization the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the San Diego Dietetic Association.

SDSU CS: Has SDSU Career Services helped you prepare for entering the job market after you graduate from SDSU?

  • Yes, I feel confident in entering the job market because of the services and help I have received from SDSU Career Services.

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