Aztec Mentor Program: Student Highlight

Meet Marshall Conrad, a SDSU student, who participated in the Aztec Mentor Program last semester. We asked Marshall, a senior majoring in Finance, to share his experience with us.

The Aztec Mentor Program is currently accepting applications for Spring 2015.
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Marshall Conrad -  AMP Fall 2014 participant

Marshall Conrad – AMP Fall 2014 participant

SDSU Career Services: Why did you want to be a part of the Aztec Mentor Program?

I wanted to get a perspective from someone who’s already working in the real world, to see if I could work on anything right now as a student so I could have a better advantage in my career field right out of college.

 SDSU CS: Who was your mentor and what field did they work in and for what company

My mentor Amber Frankhuizen is the leasing manager for BLVD 63 apartments.

 SDSU CS: What is your career objective?

My objective is to go into the financial services industry and become a financial advisor.

SDSU CS: In what ways did your mentor assist you in your career development?

She helped me understand that every interview process, almost everything one does in life is a sale, and how to be an effective persuader in any situation. She also gave me plenty of resources including online blogs that are all great self-improvement tips.

SDSU CS: What was the #1 benefit of participating in the Aztec Mentor Program?

She really helped me become a better interviewer. I recently got hired for a sales job and have landed many interviews right now for potential full time jobs after I graduate due to her guidance.

 SDSU CS: Would you recommend AMP to fellow SDSU juniors, seniors and graduate students and why?

I would recommend it to anyone because it’s good to know people only a few years older than you. I’ve been given some incredible advice from her, and know anyone who’s done the program can attest to this.


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