Aztec Mentor Program, Mentee Spotlight

Meet Jeffrey Guevara, an SDSU student, who participated in the Aztec Mentor Program last fall. We caught up with Jeffrey and asked a few questions about his experience being mentored by an SDSU Alum.
The Aztec Mentor Program is currently accepting applications for Spring 2015.
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Jeffrey Guevara, AMP Fall 2014 participant

SDSU CS: Why did you want to be a part of the Aztec Mentor Program

Jeffrey: I wanted to become part of AMP to get career and academic guidance from someone working in my industry of interest. Before joining AMP, I had questions regarding the required experience for getting a digital marketing job and I wanted advice on how to prepare for a job interview.

SDSU CS: Who was your mentor and what field did they work in and for what company

Jeffrey: My mentor was Shreyas Bhatt, Sr. Business Manager at Amazon in Seattle, Washington.

SDSU CS: What is your career objective?

Jeffrey: My career objective is to work in digital marketing, creating product campaigns online for tech-companies.

SDSU CS: In what ways did your mentor assist you in your career development

Jeffrey: My mentor gave me personal recommendations on how to effectively find the right internship, as well as advise on what skills to focus on for landing my dream job. He helped me improve my resume, and taught me how to professionally reach out to recruiters.

SDSU CS: What was the #1 benefit of participating in the Aztec Mentor Program?

Jeffrey: The number 1 benefit of participating in the Aztec Mentor Program is having a personal career advisor who is experienced in your career of interest, and who is actively helping you reach your goals.

SDSU CS: Would you recommend AMP to fellow SDSU juniors, seniors and graduate students and why?

Jeffrey: Yes, I would recommend this program because it gives you the opportunity to explore your career of interest, all while having the opportunity to network and learn from an experienced mentor. AMP is definitely a great resource from SDSU that any student looking for career opportunities should join.


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