What one recent SDSU Alumnus has to say about Internships…

Jordan Harrison graduated from San Diego State University in May 2014. We wanted to catch up with Jordan and find out what helped him become a successful SDSU Alumni. 

Jordan Harrison Senior

Jordan Harrison, SDSU Class of 2014

SDSU CS: What year did you graduate and what was your major?

Jordan: I graduated in May 2014. I was a Business Marketing Major with a minor in Social Psychology/Senior

SDSU CS: Did you do an internship while your were in school, if so where did you do your internship?

Jordan: Yes, I completed an internship while at SDSU. I worked at 3M Corporation.  In my internship, I traveled to Minnesota, Ohio, Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

SDSU CS: Please describe your internship experience.

Jordan: My internship experience was truly rewarding. I traveled weekly to different cities and states while staying in top hotels. I was given a corporate car, credit card, iPad, and all my expenses were covered by 3M. I was also given a map of 100+ Home Depots that 3M wanted me to visit and study. I had the freedom to make my own schedule daily and I decided when I wanted to start, end, and what I would do during the day. I was responsible for making sure that merchandising teams had our 7-8 different display sets at Home Depot correctly set to planogram. I also did new product demonstrations to management with focus of increasing knowledge and sales. Lastly, I worked on return to vendor (RTVs) and customer satisfaction analytical projects to gauge consumer usage and complaints of products to find gaps and give suggestions to business units on how to improve.

SDSU CS: What was the most valuable aspect of your internship experience?

Jordan: The most valuable aspect of my internship experience was really understanding what it means to work full time and gaining an understanding of the corporate world. I really understood after this experience that you have to really have a passion for what you do because 9-5, 5 days a week can be tiring and frustrating if you aren’t enjoying your work. This internship also introduced me to the “corporate” world with a fortune 100 company. I understand the importance of company culture and making sure that your values align with the company’s is important. This experience increased my understanding, professionalism, and excitement for work after graduation.

SDSU CS: What was your biggest challenge as a student intern?

Jordan: My biggest challenge was dealing with the constant moving and learning curve pretty much alone. It was a great deal of learning daily about not only my job but the company culture (and software programs) and how to execute on goals.

SDSU CS: How has your internship prepared you for your future career?

Jordan: My internship has prepared me for my future by allowing me to experience full time work and seeing what I like and do not like. It also taught me about the “corporate” world from dress code, demeanor, how to network, and the importance of impressions. I was also able to see the steps needed to become an executive in a fortune 100 company, the skill sets and jobs that it takes.

SDSU CS: Aside from your internship, what other involvement did you have on campus?

Jordan: During my time at SDSU I was involved in The Aztec Mentor Program, College of Business Council, American Marketing Association, Toastmasters, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student African American Brotherhood, A.S. – University Affairs Board, Aztec Shops Board of Directors, Aztec Pride, Rotaract, Reality Changers, Community Life Improvement and Multicultural Bridging, CYUAG, Student Support Commission and the Library Advisory Committee.

SDSU CS: What advice would you give to other students seeking an internship?

Go for the challenging, new experience that will help you grow! Over prepare and give 100% because you are always interviewing. Get involved and use your friends, professors, LinkedIn, and any other outlets to truly stand out.


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