Aztec Mentor Program Highlights: Roberto Gonzalez Junior and Robert E. Palomino

My experience in the Aztec Mentor Program so far has been something I didn’t expect at all, it surpassed my expectations.  I had preconceived notions regarding signing up to this program based on previous experiences I have had with mentors and counselors in general, which weren’t what one would rate as helpful.  However, this program differs in comparison with my previous experience and in part it has to do with my mentor.  I considered myself lucky of having Roberto Gonzalez Jr. as my mentor, since he is also my supervisor in my internship.  Roberto has helped me a lot in the 6 weeks I have been working with him at the USDA-HSI & SDSU-IV Campus partnership.  His advice and suggestions has helped me become a better student and professional, from helping me improve my resume and obtain more volunteer opportunities to being able to network with a wide variety of professionals.  Aside from being able to talk in person with my mentor on a daily basis, we also share a similar background. We are both from the Imperial Valley and taking on the Masters in Public Administration degree. It helps us communicate better and he is able to share his experiences and how his career path has been developing.  Everything has to do with having an open mind to the different careers and life opportunities that exist within our grasp, it is just a matter of learning to adapt and not being anchored to one place.  I would definitely recommend the Aztec Mentor Program to all students, because having a fellow Aztec giving you advice and sharing his personal professional and career experiences is of great help in building one’s own path toward a bright future.


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