Aztec Mentor Program Highlights: Zach, Graphic Design Major

Zach Stevens- Graphic Design Major

Zach Stevens- Graphic Design Major

When I decided to join the Aztec Mentor Program, I thought that as a Graphic Design major, I would not get paired up with someone who would be fitting for my studies. Not that the Career Services team was not capable of providing me with an optimal mentor choice, I just did not think that one would be a solid fit for my intended career field. My experience within the Aztec Mentor Program has exceeded all of my expectations. First and foremost, it was awesome to find out that there are indeed successful artists out there who are willing to work with students such as myself. My mentor Jimmy is definitely a respected and sought after photographer, and with a client list including members such as the Grateful Dead, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones, it is obvious why. When I first spoke with Jimmy, he already had numerous pieces of advice for me as an artist: connect with others, stand out, and never stop learning. He thoroughly reviewed my resume, as well as my social media links, and effectively critiqued them to ensure I had the best public profile possible, since employers will look at these links to get a view of who I really am. Jimmy has been very welcoming as a mentor, he has encouraged my work and invited me several times to visit his studio in Los Angeles, which I intend to do by December. Above all Jimmy has shown me the importance of education, not just in academia but within the realm of other professions. His best piece of advice thus far has been to consistently network with other artists, even though I have yet to graduate, he said there is no better time than now. I am honored that such a hard-working and busy artist has taken time out of his schedule solely to help me advance my professional career, something I hope to one day pass on to another Aztec.


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