E & J Gallo Winery Recruiting at SDSU!

Thinking about what you should do after graduating from SDSU?  Seniors this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!


Meet Ashley Alman, Manager of Recruiting at E & J Gallo Winery.  Ashley and her team will be in room SSE 1200 Monday at 5:30PM to give you more information about the opportunities available to graduating seniors who would like to be a part of the E & J Gallo Winery team.  To learn more about Ashley and what she looks for in candidates when hiring please read below:

SDSUCS:  What is your position? And can you explain what you do?

AA: My current position is Manager of Recruiting. I oversee all of the college

recruiting for our Management Development Program for the Southern California,

Nevada, and Arizona regions. I also oversee all of the hiring for our full time

Sales and Merchandising positions as well as our part time Brand Ambassador

position for our Southern California office.

SDSUCS: What do you look for when considering candidates for a position?

 AA: We look for a personality type more than anything! We look for graduating

seniors that are personable, out-going, competitive, think-skinned, and humble.

Leadership is also key! We look for students that have been involved on campus,

whether that be in Greek life, athletics, or other campus clubs and organizations.

SDSUCS:  What kinds of positions are you recruiting for this Spring/Summer, and are there

internship opportunities for students?

AA: We are only offering full time positions for graduating seniors. We are recruiting

for our Management Development Program. The program is a three phase

program where you start in sales and then work your way up to management. It

is an extremely fast paced, competitive, and fun program where you will gain

a lot of knowledge on the wine and liquor industry as well as how to manage a

territory, sell, merchandise, and service.

SDSUCS:  Can you tell me what candidates should expect to be doing if hired?

AA: If hired, the first phase of the program is being an outside sales representative

in our retail space. You are given a territory of about 20 accounts where you are

physically going into these stores, creating meaningful business relationships with

store managers in order to maximize the exposure of our brands throughout your


SDSUCS: What are the benefits of working for your company?

 AA: One of the major benefits of working for Gallo is that we are a family owned and

operated company. This creates a very close knit and family oriented culture. Although

we are a sales organization and expect results, we very much care about the development

of our people. Another benefit is the industry in general. The industry is constantly

evolving and changing into something different and it is very easy to be passionate about!

SDSUCS: Is it possible to work up within the company? And how does one go about doing


AA: It is absolutely possible to move up within our company and we expect you to do

so; Gallo only promotes from within. If you are the right fit for our organization

and work hard, there are endless opportunities. Through this MDP program we

are looking for the future manager and leaders of our organization, so although

you start in sales, we do not want you to stay there- we want you to move

up through our organization. Usually, the next step after being a sales rep is

becoming a District Manager. As a “DM” you are now managing 5-7 individuals.

You have a lot of responsibility- you are expected to train, direct, and motivate

your team.

SDSUCS:  Is there anything else you would like to share with students about working for

E&J Gallo Winery?

AA: The last bit that I would like to share is that the Management Development Program is

perfect for seniors that are not 100% sure about what they want to do after college but are

looking for some real world experience with a company that is vibrant, fun, and is one of

the best within their industry!


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