Did you know SDSU Career Services helps you start your career? Just ask Desiree…


Desiree Roughton is a December 2010 graduate who is employed and thriving in her field! Let’s get to know her and how she landed her job with the help of SDSU Career Services!

      SDSUCS: What is your current job title/position?

DR: Content Manager

SDSUCS: Is your job in the same filed as your major/minor?

DR :Yes (Marketing, IMC emphasis)

SDSUCS: How did you land this job?

DR: Despite my incessant lecturing to friends who only use job boards to look for jobs, I actually found this one on Craigslist!

SDSUCS: Which do you believe is more important? GPA or experience?

DR: Experience, 100%. For more science or academic-based fields GPA might mean something but I’ve literally never been asked for my GPA when applying to a job in business. I always kept at least 1 job/internship during school and was satisfied getting Bs and even Cs (Cs get degrees, right?). I’m not saying doing well in class means nothing but I am saying balance will make you a lot more successful in so many ways.

SDSUCS: What is some advice you would give to current students?

DR : Put as much emphasis on experience and networking as you do on your studies. Your degree will help you do your job but those connections are what will get you the job and that’s what really matters. Do not leave school without an internship under your belt, join on-campus organizations and share your dream job with everyone you meet.

SDSUCS: Was career services able to help you find/land your job?

DR: May before my senior year I went into the center for a resumé review and asked for some advice about getting an internship with a particular company I wanted to work for. I took the counselors advice and landed an internship position that turned into a full-time job offer out of school. The advice and encouragement I received from career services directly led to my first full-time position in the exact field and for the exact company I dreamed about working for.

SDSUCS:What is some advice you’d give to recent grads?

DR: Search for companies, not jobs. Also, get on LinkedIn and don’t just add everyone in your industry, reach out to them and ask for 15 minutes of their time on the phone or in person. It might sound forward but somehow it’s not creepy when you’re connected via LinkedIn and the connections will be so incredibly valuable a little awkwardness won’t even matter. Look me up, I’ll be your first connection.

See, we aren’t that bad! We want to help you, but YOU have to come to us!  Whether it’s for resume review or help planning your career path, we’re here for you!  Just in case you forgot our hours are M-F 8AM-4:30PM. To schedule an appt to talk to a career counselor please call (619) 594-2650 or feel free to come in and schedule one.  We also have walk in hours M-TH from 1-2:45PM and Fridays 10-11:45AM.  Hope to see you soon!


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