BA 402: Do you know how to prepare for and get a job?

Well you are in luck! There’s actually a class you can take now to help you get prepared:

BA 402–Exploration of Business Career Development!

Meet the Professor!

Craig T. Stevens

Craig T. Stevens

Professor Stevens is an SDSU alumni who graduated in 1982.  It is his hopes that students who take this class will learn how to package and prepare themselves to start their career and land a job.

 To learn more about the class and its objectives, take a look at the Q&A below.

       1. What is BA 402 about?

This one-unit, Cr/NCr course, taught by a successful entrepreneur alum, is open to

all business majors and minors and is a “must take” class that teaches students

the critical life skills necessary to launch their career. This class supplements the

student’s academic experience by teaching & guiding the student through:

Basic mandatory life & business skills/rules

Determination of who you are and what general career space you are interested in

Personality tests to determine/confirm “who you are” and “where you fit”

Creation of personal profiles

Creation of a “life path plan” with goals, deadlines etc.

            How to start “networking” with adults in the business world

Actual networking, contact database creation, and other techniques

Creation of your own career opportunity

Resume creation and development & delivery of “elevator speeches”

Public speaking and confidence builders

      –Highly recommended by students if you can fit it into your schedule!

2. Who would benefit most from taking this class?

Everyone who wants a job after graduating college.  This class is meant to help

prepare you start you career and be successful.

3. What is the homework load like?

There will be at least 13 assignments. If there are more than 13

assignments, the additional assignments will count as extracredit.  Attendance

counts towards final grade and will be taken each class.

4. Is there anything else you would like to share with us about this class and why students should take it?

The primary goal of BA 402 is to help students in exploring careers and preparing

for the transition from college to a career. Each assignment has been shaped for

your benefit as a student.At the end of this course students will be able to:

a.  Analyze and evaluate the career options available given their background.

b. Develop and present the strongest possible personal product to potential


c.  Discover and describe the key elements that will lead to lifelong career

satisfaction and development.

 Sound like a class you might be interested in? Register for it this semester.  This class is definitely beneficial to anyone who plans on starting their career after graduation!


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