This Just In… Snapchat Has Been Hacked!

This Just In… Snapchat Has Been Hacked!

The ever-so-popular app Snapchat has made headlines recently for the app’s abilities and its users’ misuse, but now in more recent news Snapchat has been hacked and millions of users account information and numbers were compromised.

According to CNN, hackers were able to obtain phone numbers and user information and make it available for download. The site has now been suspended, however this does not mean you should take this security breach lightly.

Although Snapchat allows users to only be able to view pictures/videos for a limited amount of time, this data never really disappears. What this means is that you must be careful with what you share with others if you don’t want it to come back and haunt you in the future, possibly jeopardizing your future careers. To avoid any mishaps here’s a couple rules you should follow:

1. Always play it safe. Don’t share anything with anyone you wouldn’t want the whole world to see. May sound a bit cliché, but it makes a huge difference in what the future can hold for you.
2. Remember the internet is a way for people to access information all around the world. If you use it to transfer data, there is always some way of accessing that data.
3. Lastly, log out of your apps. Yes, it may be annoying to have to keep logging in, but this is safer than staying logged in and being hacked from your personal device.


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