Need better financial habits? FIN 296 is for you! $$$

Would you like to develop good financial habits for life? Register for Finance 296 now available at SDSU!


Daniel A Seiver, Ph. D., who has been a part of the SDSU Finance Faculty since 2005 and  is the author of Outsmarting Wall Street (Probus/McGraw-Hill, 3rd edition) is now teaching this new class and has a couple things he would like to share with students who plan on taking the class this spring!

 What is FIN 296 about?

In short FIN 296 teaches you how to be smarter with your money and hopefully prevent you from encountering financial problems in the future.

 Who should take FIN 296?

 Finance 296 is a course that should be taken by anyone that wants to be a more knowledgeable and financially literate individual for life. Should be taken preferably by non-business majors.

 What can you expect to learn from this class?

 • Recognize how cash flow management and net worth analysis can be used as tools to achieve financial goals.

• Know how and where to obtain credit, and the implications of using and misusing credit.

• Recognize how using debt can be a tool in asset building.

• Use appropriate risk management strategies to protect assets and quality of life.

• Implement investment and retirement strategies to achieve financial goals.

 What’s the homework load like?

 Weekly readings, two tests and a final.

 Why Professor Seiver is teaching it:

 “As the government “safety net” shrinks, and corporations offload pension risk onto their retirees, young Americans like you will be “on their own” financially during their working careers and retirements. Knowledge of basic personal finance is your best defense against those who would separate you from your money or give you bad advice.  Financial knowledge gained in this course will also help you to achieve your financial goals during your working life and retirement. The level of financial literacy is very low in the United States. This course will raise yours.”

 This class will teach you:

 How to plan and manage your personal finances, from checking and savings accounts to credit cards, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

  •  How to achieve a financially successful life, from job search skills to career planning to 401K plans and IRAs.
  • The basics of loans and credit, mortgages, housing, insurance and health care.
  • How to plan and save for a secure financial future

 Who doesn’t like to learn habits that can save them money?? If interested in taking his class, please register for it this coming semester in Spring 2014.


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