Job Scams: Don’t fall for them!

In today’s world it’s hard now to know what is authentic and what is a scam.

Unfortunately now even some jobs can be a scam! So before you go applying for jobs

make sure you remember to consider these few things:

1. Does it ask you for money?

– It’s safe to say that if a job tries to make you pay to get a job, it’s probably a

scam! So do not fall for it!

2. You have to give out your credit card/ bank information.

– Don’t give out your account information online or over the phone. Anyone with

your information can use it.

3. When it comes to job placement agencies, make sure you are getting what you

pay for!

– Don’t get scammed into paying for a service you do not receive. Check into all

the details and get them in writing!

You can find these tips and more at :

**Students : if you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of a job and/or job

placement agency come to us. We want to prevent you and other students from getting

scammed and possibly putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

SDSU Career Services is open M-F from 8am – 4:30pm.


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