Meet Megan Cadow!

Meet Megan Cadow!

Megan Cadow is the University Sales Recruiter – West Coast at Yelp. Megan agreed to share some facts about what it is like working at Yelp in the hope of interesting YOU in applying for available positions. Let’s take a look at what she has to say:

SDSUCS: What is it like to work for Yelp?

MC: Our employees all work towards the same purpose of connecting people with great local businesses through our website, mobile apps and local communities around the world. It takes lots of hard work in different departments — from sales to engineering and communications — to achieve that goal, and there’s never a boring day when you’re part of the Yelp team!

Our offices are filled with all of the tools and fuel you need to make sure that work is never, well, work. Shiny Macs, ping pong tables, and fridges filled with Vitamin Water and Yelpwich ingredients abound—all so that your day can be spent focusing on what matters.

SDSUCS: How did you get started with the company?

MC: In 2011, I had a friend that was applying for the Account Executive sales role in San Francisco. She thought that I would also be a great fit for the role and sent me information about Yelp! During my research of the company, I became inspired by the mission of Yelp and immediately applied. About three weeks later, after concluding the interview process I was offered a position in the Phoenix, AZ office and immediately packed my things to move!

SDSUCS: What positions are you currently hiring for?

MC: We have positions available in almost every department with varying qualifications and expertise required.

One of the areas that we are seeing the most growth is in our Sales department. Out New York, Phoenix and San Francisco offices are hiring Account Executives every month. It is the perfect position for a new college graduate and kicks off with a sales development program that provides career growth and opportunities to develop your leadership and higher-level sales skills.

SDSUCS: What qualities are you looking for in candidates?

MC: For our Account Executive role, we are looking for candidates that have a drive to win, are coachable and are dedicated to consistent self improvement. Since this is a sales role, we look for candidates that are assertive, persistent, and are good listeners. On top of that, candidates that are genuinely curious about people, local business, and possess the innate ability to inspire passion in others will thrive in this role. Lastly, having the ability to adapt to new situations quickly and think on your feet will serve you well.

SDSUCS: What’s something most people don’t know about Yelp?

MC: A lot of people already know that Yelp has a huge impact on consumers and local businesses around the world. An average of 117 million unique visitors use the site every month in 23 different countries. Fewer people know that the non-profit Yelp Foundation was created in 2011 to find new ways of helping consumers and local businesses. The Foundation’s mission is to support community literacy and small business growth by making grants to local non-profits which are actively engaged in those initiatives.

In its first year of existence, the Yelp Foundation matched Yelp employee donations to give a combined total of more than $100,000 to charity. This year the bar has definitely been raised, with grants of $100,000 each going to three local San Francisco-based non-profits.

We hope these grants will enable each of these organizations to continue the good work they’re already doing and provide an opportunity to impact the lives of even more community members, in San Francisco and around the world.

SDSUCS: How a student would know if they were a good match with the culture of Yelp?

MC: The Yelp Sales Blog is a great resource to check out to see if this position and the Yelp culture would be a match for a student. Also feel free to reach out to the Yelp recruiting team with any questions at We’d love to tell you more about the opportunities at Yelp. Our goal is to find candidates who will not only succeed in this role, but who will really enjoy working here and growing their career with Yelp over the years.


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