Newsflash! Newsflash! Enterprise is now hiring!

Did you know Enterprise is currently hiring for the Manager Trainee Program? Interested in applying? Read this interview with Monte’ Wylie, Talent Acquisition Specialist for tips on how to land this job and also learn about the opportunities for career growth available at Enterprise.


SDSUCS:  What is your position? And can you explain what you do?


MW: I am the Regional Talent Acquisition Specialist for the San Diego Region of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I am responsible for identifying, evaluating, and attracting top tier talent to join our award winning team at Enterprise Holdings.

In addition to the hiring function, as a member of our talented HR Team, I am also responsible for creating and delivering high impact training modules for our Enterprise management team.



SDSUCS:  How did you land this position?


MW: As with all leaders at Enterprise, I began my career in our award-winning Management Trainee Program. Enterprise provided me with the tools and support that I needed to have early success in our program and within 9 quick months I was promoted to Assistant Manager. Fast-Forward 2 years and 3 promotions I reached the Branch Manager level.  As a Branch Manager, the responsibility and accountability factors were taken to the next level. At this point I had total control of our Marketing, Sales, Growth, and Employee Development plans. In 4 years of leading teams and managing operations, I was promoted 5 times and had the opportunity to manage the largest Enterprise location in the world at LAX. With my experience and success in managing operations and leading teams, I was given the amazing opportunity of selecting the team for the San Diego Region.


 SDSUCS: What do you look for when considering candidates for a position?


      MW: I look for a great combination of experience and personality.  I want candidates that have worked in fast paced environments, that can provide outstanding customer service, and that have excelled in a sales atmosphere. When it comes to personality, I look for passion, enthusiasm, and energy.  In addition to those, competiveness, determination, and drive, are very important traits.  As a Management Trainee, our employees receive a great deal of responsibility and autonomy, and they are exposed to a lot of opportunities as well.  It’s my responsibility to make sure we find the best candidates to join our winning team.




SDSUCS:  What kinds of positions are you recruiting for?


      MW: I am currently recruiting for multiple positions.  My primary focus is recruiting for our award winning Management Training Program. In addition to this role, I also recruit for Customer Service Representatives, DOT Bus Operators, Drivers, and Service Agents.

SDSUCS: Can you tell me what candidates should expect to be doing if hired?


      MW: As a Management Trainee, you’ll get the opportunity to learn every day.  Our Trainees learn the fundamentals of customer service, proper sales techniques, marketing, business management, and fleet logistics.  The goal of our Management Training Program is to teach young professionals the foundation of our business operation from the ground up, and provide them with the tools necessary to have a successful career in sales management with Enterprise. 


SDSUCS: What are the benefits of working for your company?


      MW: Working for Enterprise Holdings, our employees receive the great benefits expected with working for one of the largest private companies in America. Enterprise offers a comprehensive benefit plan including medical coverage, dental coverage, life insurance, retirement planning and more. Employees often take advantage of daily rental and leasing discounts, and all of our employees are eligible to receive a company car once they reach the Branch Manager level.


SDSUCS:  Is it possible to work up within the company?  And how does one go about doing so?


      MW: Our Management Training Program is designed for our Trainees to learn what it takes to manage a business, and to train, develop, and lead a team.  Our Trainees distinguish themselves by having success in our monthly regional sales contests, and by excelling with their personal business management skills. Once a Trainee has developed the business skills needed to successfully run an operation, the employee is given the opportunity to display their skills by taking the Management Qualification Interview, and from there, the opportunities are limitless.

SDSUCS:  Is there anything else you would like to share with students about working for



MW: Working for Enterprise is a great opportunity for an individual looking for a career in sales management and for an individual that has the capacity and desire to lead high performing teams. Enterprise promotes entirely from within for our management team, even our current C.E.O. Pam Nicholson, began her career as a Management Trainee right here in Southern California.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Enterprise please visit our website,

 **If you would like to have your resume reviewed before you apply for this job, be sure to visit SDSU Career Services M-F from 8-4:30 PM.


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