Looking for a job?

Are you currently looking for a job? How do you start your job search or prepare for an

interview? Read these tips on how to make your job search more effective and how to be

100% ready for your next job/internship interview.

• Start with networking. Network. Network. Network. Your network is your own

personal resource to finding jobs. So use it!!

        o Start with your in-person network – family, friends, parents of friends,

           professors, and other working professionals in your life. You might be

          surprised how enthusiastic people will be to talk to you about their careers

          and where the conversations might take you.

       o Get established and connected on LinkedIn. Check out our guide to

          Building a Great Student Profile on LinkedIn (PDF).

• Don’t limit yourself. Limiting yourself will only limit your opportunities. Be

open-minded – about the people you network with, the jobs and careers you

consider, etc.

• Visit SDSU Career Services. We have tons of jobs posted on our website and

we can help you get your resume ready! Not to mention we have mock interviews

with our career counselors. Visit http://career.sdsu.edu for location, hours, and

contact information.

• Do not put this off. We live in a very competitive world. The sooner you start

your job search the better chances you will have of landing the job.

• Don’t stop trying. These things take time, so be patient. Have faith in yourself,

and know that just like anything else, you get what you put into it.


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