Hey Aztecs! How are you doing in terms of working toward your career goals?  Hopefully the answer is working hard, but if you are struggling on what steps to take that will help lead you in the right direction, you should take a look a the two individuals below and see what they have to say about how they got where they are today!

Meet… Natalia!Natalia Van Stralen

Natalia Van Stralen is a recent SDSU grad who has had her fair share of experience in the “real world”.  Natalia agreed to sit down with SDSUCS and share some of her experiences as well as give advice to the recent grads and students looking to enter the job market. Please read:

SDSUCS: When did you graduate from SDSU?

NV: I graduated from SDSU in May 2010.

SDSUCS: Did you have a job and/or internship while you were a student?

NV:  Yes.  I was very involved as a student at SDSU. I worked for the Daily Aztec

in almost every position imaginable. I also interned for investigative news team for

Channel 10 News and also at Fox 5 news.

SDSUCS: What is your current job title/position?

NV: Media Relations Specialist at SDSU Marketing and Communications.

SDSUCS: Is your job in the same field as your major/minor?

NV: Yes, most definitely.  I double-majored in journalism

and political science.

SDSUCS: How did you land this job?

NV: Well, at first I saw the job on LinkedIn.  I had previously expressed interest in

this position, so I reached out to current employees about how interested I was in the

position.  I took initiative to get what I wanted and ended up getting the job.

SDSUCS: Which do you believe is more important? G.P.A. or experience?

NV: I believe they are both equally important.  Your G.P.A. is a reflection of how

much effort you put into your coursework, but you also need real-world experience to

make connections and build your network.

SDSUCS: What advice would you give to current students?

NV: Find a job that pays you to do what you want to do.  We all need to survive. But

try and find a job that is relative to what you want to do.

 SDSUCS: What advice would you give to recent grads?

1. Understand the importance of being well-rounded.  Take with

you life lessons after experiencing different work environments.

2. Be aware that competition exists; you have to make a great first impression and

learn how to explain why you and your experience will benefit a company.

3.  Make sure your life is balanced.  You need to love what you’re doing and make

sure it’s what you want to do.  It isn’t always about money.



 Meet… Larry!Larry Gomez

Larry Gomez is currently a student at SDSU.  Larry agreed to share with us what he is doing to move forward in his career path and how SDSUCS has been able to assist him along this journey.  Let’s take a look at what he had to say:


SDSUCS:  What year are you in school?

LG: Super-Senior!

SDSUCS: What services have you used at Career Services, including assessments, mock

interviews, career counseling, job listings, on campus interviewing or others?

LG: I went to career services to have my resume and cover letter evaluated.  I was getting ready to apply for a job and I needed help making sure these documents would secure me an interview.

SDSUCS: How would you evaluate the impact of SDSU CS?

LG: I enjoyed SDSU CS because it was a very welcoming environment.  I met Dr. Tarbox and asked for his card because I was thinking of looking for summer work.  I ended up getting a job in my field of study that I hope to remain at for years.  Nichola provided an objective evaluation of my resume and cover letter.  This not only helped me get my foot in the door it also provided me with a little extra confidence in my chances of being hired.

SDSUCS:  What is your major? And are you currently involved in any internships, jobs, or career related activities that are relevant to your major?

LG: I am a Television, Film and New Media major.  I work in local television at KUSI-9.  Previously I worked on campus for KPBS.  As a student in the Advanced Television Production class I am currently working on the second season of a local concert series called Live at The Belly Up.  I worked on the first season as well which aired on KPBS and can be found on their website.

SDSUCS: Has SDSUCS  helped you prepare for entering the job market after you graduate from SDSU?

LG: With the help of SDSU CS I have been able to secure a job before I have even graduated.


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