PepsiCo now hiring!

                  PepsiCo now hiring!

Hey Aztecs! Did you know PepsiCo is now hiring for various positions and internships? Are you interested in applying? SDSU Career Services had the opportunity to speak with SDSU Alum Matthew Golojuch, the Territory Sales Manager at PepsiCo, to find out exactly what he looks for when considering a candidate for a position. Read below to find out more!

SDSUCS: What is your position? And can you explain what you do?

MG: I am a Territory Sales Manager in the large format segment of the Pepsi Beverages Company. I am responsible for the success of the San Diego market by maximizing volume and revenue performance in North County San Diego. I lead a team of operation supervisors, 4 sales representatives and 30 merchandisers. My team drives marketplace execution and customer service advancing share growth and profit performance through the cultivation of strong business relationships.

SDSUCS: What do you look for when considering candidates for a position?

MG: We look for self-motivated individuals who strive to create a team focused execution approach. Candidates need to show a passion to drive results and exceed expectations. Leadership in extracurricular activities and employment while enrolled in school are huge, as they show an ability to balance your education and other responsibilities.

SDSUCS: What kinds of positions are you recruiting for this fall, and are there internship opportunities for students?

MG: For the fall we are not looking for interns. We are focused on seniors graduating in the winter for our Sales Development Program. PepsiCo’s Sales Development Program provides a demanding, fast-paced environment in a competitive industry, where growth equals opportunity and fun accompanies the challenge. This program focuses on looking for future managers and leaders of the company. Candidates will have the unique opportunity to have exposure to front line sales positions and gain an understanding what it takes to own your results and how they drive the success of the company. These candidates have the ability to move to increasing levels of responsibility leading to managerial positions in sales, sales operations and general management.

SDSUCS: Can you tell me what candidates should expect to be doing if hired?

MG:The beverage/snack business works around the clock to ensure the success and continued growth of the company. PepsiCo front line positions usually consist of a 50-hour work week, with days starting anywhere from 4am-7am. The first few weeks will be spent gaining an overall understanding of company culture, standards, market trends, local roles and career paths. As you progress you will begin in sales relief, a position that covers a sales route while the route owner is on vacation/sick. This position creates a foundation for a great career.

SDSUCS: What are the benefits of working for your company?

MG: PepsiCo has tremendous opportunity due to its vast portfolio. We have endless positions across all of our brands, ensuring a global effort to offer consumers choices that fit their needs and wants. PepsiCo is extremely integrated with all of it’s brands, giving employees a chance to find the right fit.

SDSUCS: Is it possible to work up within the company? And how does one go about doing so?

MG: PepsiCo thrives off of internal growth, as time and experience develop a true relationship. PepsiCo is constantly changing to accommodate market trends, offering more opportunities than ever. Career paths depend on the individual. It is up to them to find out what they want to do. Once that has been clearly established, we provide the leadership that will help get them there.

So Aztecs, do you think this sounds like the position for you? PespiCo is accepting applications from now until September 25! Interviews begin October 16! Don’t wait until the last minute! Apply now through Aztec Career Connection (log in at!  And if you need help getting your resume ready for submission stop by SDSU Career Services during walk-in hours (1-2:45PM M-TH and 10-11:45AM Fridays) or make an appointment with a career counselor! See you soon!


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