Aztec Shops/ SDSU Dining Services

Are you looking for a job on campus?  Have you considered working for SDSU

Dining Services? SDSU Dining Services strives to be the preferred dining choice

for everyone in the campus community and does so by always exceeding customer

expectations.  Sound like a company you might be interested in working for?  Well check

out this Q&A with Director of SDSU Dining Services, Paul Melchior for some insider

tips on how to land a job with SDSU Dining Services.


SDSUCS: What is your position? And can you explain what you do?

PM: Well, I am the Director of SDSU Dining Services and I oversee all of the

dining operations on campus.  I work more as a strategist planning for 3-6 months

ahead. I’m very hands on with this company and when I set a vision, I make it happen.


SDSUCS: What do you look for when considering candidates for a position?

PM: I really look for personality and someone who naturally smiles and really cares

about what they do and how they can work with others.


SDSUCS: How many students would you say you hire a year?

PM:  Out of the 1,000 applicants we get in the fall, we hire about 250.  In spring we hire about 100.


SDSUCS: Can students pick where they want to work in Dining Services?

PM:  It really depends on where we are in the application process.  In the beginning,

we have more openings within our company, so there is more of a chance that you will

end up where you want to be working at.  But, regardless, applicants should still let us

know where they prefer to work, because there may be an open position available there.

And also, if you show that you are a good worker and are very passionate about working

elsewhere, we can accommodate you within time.


SDSUCS: What are the benefits of working for your company?

PM: Well, first and foremost, it’s an easy commute, whether you live on campus or

commute to school, it’s an on campus job. Secondly, we know that you are a student and

that your education comes first, so we are willing to be very flexible with your schedule.

Thirdly, you get a 15% discount at the SDSU Bookstore.  And lastly, you have access to

receiving several scholarships we offer to those who really go the extra mile.


SDSUCS: Do students have to work over breaks?

PM: No, students do not have to work over breaks, but you are given the option to by


SDSUCS: Is there anything else you would like to share with students about working for

SDSU Dining Services?

PM:  Just that we are very flexible and willing to work with students around their

schedules, which most employers cannot do. And just remember to smile in your

interview!  We want to see people happy to work for us and that can be a great edition to

our Aztec Shops, Ltd. Team.



Well Aztecs, I hope you have enjoyed gaining insight to what it is like working

for a company on campus that loves working with students to help them make ends meet

while still focusing on their education.  Remember, the sooner you apply the more chance

you have to be hired, as well as your pick where you will be working.  To apply, visit the

SDSU Dining Services building located in the Education Bldg, Room 112.

And remember if you need help structuring your resume or practicing your

interviewing skills SDSU Career Services is always here to assist you, open M-F 8-4:30

PM.  Just be sure to schedule an appointment with our career counselors, or come during

our walk-in hours M-TH 1-2:45 PM and Fridays 10-11:45 AM. Until next time.


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