Residential Education Opportunities

Kara Bauer is the Associate Director of Residential Education here at SDSU. She has held this position for about 6 years and is fully committed to being here for students in any way she can.  In an interview, she explained the importance of being open to try new things as well as what she personally looks for when hiring students for various positions in Res Ed. Let’s take a look at what she had to say:

 SDSUCS: What was your first job?

 KB: My first job in college was as a student assistant in a bio lab.  I started out thinking I was going to train dolphins.  But my first job related to student life and leadership and what I do now was when I was a residential advisor.

 SDSUCS: Who was an important mentor that helped you in deciding your career path?

 KB: I actually had a lot of mentors.  But in college I would say I had three supervisors who saw energy in me and gave me opportunities to show what I was capable of.

 SDSUCS: How many jobs have you had prior to the one you are currently working for?

 KB: Since college, I have had quite a few.  I had a grad assistantship, two internships, and three different full-time positions.

 SDSUCS: How many students would you say you hire here each semester?

 KB: Typically around 200-300 students a year.  This includes all of our positions which are: STAR center assistants, desk assistants, residential advisors, academic mentors, and community advisors.

 SDSUCS: What do you look for when considering candidates for employment?

 KB: I look for people who can think critically and that take initiative.  I also make sure that the student applying truly understands the job they are applying for.

 SDSUCS: What is more important to you? Experience or GPA?

 KB: Well for Res Ed, there needs to be a balance. These students are the face of Res Ed.  They need to be successful both socially and academically.  We look for people that are truly well-rounded.

 SDSUCS: What are some tips/ advice you would give to job seekers today?

 KB: Just that students need to remember these jobs are skills you can apply to a career path, but in the end you are here to further your education, so you need to keep your grades up.  Also be willing to take opportunity when it comes your way, because you never know what could come your way.

I hope after reading this interview, you understand the importance of being in school and taking all you can from the experience.  And yes, while the goal is to get a job after graduation, remember you are here to learn.  Also, as Kara stressed to us, having a balance is most important.  Lastly, make sure you are willing to try new things.  You never know what path your journey could take.  Even looking at Kara and her experiences, we see that while having goals is great, you have to be open to the different opportunities available to you and make sure you are taking advantage of them while you can.

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a part of the Residential Education team, then you should apply!  These jobs can really help shape your feature and, at the very least, you walk away with great skills you can apply in any field.

To apply, log on to Aztec Career Connection.


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