Career Development

Bobbie Gray is a career counselor at SDSU who focuses not only on working with students in developing their career goals but also to develop their skills for their future careers. Bobbie is also an expert on networking etiquette and teaches students how to act in a professional manner. In this interview, Bobbie shared with us how she is here to serve you the student and lets us know what one needs to do in order to succeed.

SDSU Career Services: How long have you been working as a career counselor?

Bobbie Gray: I’ve been working for SDSU since 2008, but I’ve worked in career development since 1980.

SDSUCS: Can you describe what you do?

BG: As a career counselor I see students that come in and are looking to choose a major that’s fits them or looking for the best career that fits their interests.  When students come in I will talk with them at length and if needed, give them an assessment to take to figure out their interests and likes and guide them to the path of that career.  I also will show them how to work on goals and more than anything educate them on the field they desire to enter.

SDSUCS: What are your goals for students? And what do you hope to help them achieve?

BG: My goals for students are to gain knowledge of what they are getting into.  I also want to make them more confident in themselves and how to pitch themselves to employers.

SDSUCS: Can you review resumes? And when is the best time for students to come in for that?

BG: There are set times for students to come in for that.  (Walk-in Hours)  But I have several students that will email resumes and I will send my feedback to them.  My motto is “Students are my first priority”.  I’m willing to be here for them in any way I can.

SDSUCS: What are some things you feel students should know before they look for a job?

BG: Students need to know the culture of the job and what is expected of them from their employers.  They need to be aware of the work environment the job is in. It’s a learning process, so it may take a while.

Bobbie is just one of the many great career counselors here at SDSU Career Services here to help YOU achieve your career goals.  SDSU Career Services is open from 8 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, so feel free to come in anytime and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.  If you only have a little time or have a brief question you need answered we have walk in hours Monday-Thursday 1 – 2:45 PM and Fridays 10 – 11:45 AM. Come see us and let us help you! 🙂


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