Waves of Opportunities

            Hey Aztecs! Have you ever been to the theme park SeaWorld?  Well surely you must know we have one located right here in San Diego!  If you’re looking for a summer job you may want to think about applying to SeaWorld San Diego’s newest edition Aquatica, a water park opening in June 2013 offering “waves of opportunities”. When reviewing this job posting, SDSU Career Services thought students would be interested in learning about the opportunities available at SeaWorld from employee Anaid Northcraft who has been working for SeaWorld San Diego for 11 years. Anaid answered several questions regarding her experiences and gave some advice to those seeking employment as well as developing their future career goals.


SDSU Career Services: What was your first job?

Anaid Northcraft: SeaWorld Park Operations Admissions Hostess (Ticket Sales)

SDSUCS: Who was an important mentor that helped you in deciding your career path?

AN: Monica Loyce.  She was the head recruiter before me and was a huge inspiration and supporter in making sure I was persistent with my goals.  She was also a great recruiter so I was able to learn a lot about how to succeed in my current role.

SDSUCS: How many jobs have you had prior to the one you are currently working for?

AN: I started working at SeaWorld selling admission tickets when I was 16.  When I turned 18 I moved to the Education and Conservation department and was an Educator for about 2 years. My career in HR started 6 years ago in an HR Assistant role.  My story is not unique at SeaWorld; a lot of individuals in our leadership team started in similar positions and have found great career opportunities at the park. 

SDSUCS: What are some tips/ advice you would give to job seekers today?

AN: Develop your resume, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. 

  • When applying for a specific position make sure to customize your resume to that position.  Research companies in order to better understand their work environment and business focus.  You want to make sure that the company is a right fit for you, not just that you are the right fit for the company.  

  • Acquire as much experience as possible in your area of interest or in the company for which you choose to work. 

  • Network. Use your student card…as a student, business leaders and professionals are more open to speaking with you regarding their career paths, company opportunities and general advice.  Collecting as much information as possible will place you in the best position to make appropriate decisions when making career choices.    

  • Build strong interpersonal skills.  Your resume will get you an interview.  The interview will get you the job.  It is important to be able to properly articulate your skills and abilities for the position and company you interview for. 



SDSUCS: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experiences with landing a job?

AN: Use Career Services.  Even if you feel that you have a great resume and interviewing abilities, it always helps to get objective advice that can help you be better prepared when meeting with Employers.  Everyone at the Career Center is very friendly and committed to the success of SDSU students. 

Hope this has helped Aztecs!  Be sure to visit seaworldjobs.com to apply for the summer jobs offered at Aquatica and check in with us at SDSU Career Services to prepare your resume and practice your interviewing skills.  We are open Monday-Friday 8-4:30 PM with fast 15 (walk-in hours) Monday- Thursday 1-2:45 PM and Fridays 10-11:45 AM.

See you soon!


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