Spring Breakers!

Hey Aztecs! So it’s finally Spring Break!  What do your plans include? Going home? Traveling? Well have you considered taking steps to better your stance in the career world?  I know you’re thinking “This is my break and it can wait until I come back.”  But the truth of the matter is the rest of the semester will surely pass you by and it may be too late to get a handle on the jobs out there.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t go out and catch some rays, but while you have the time try do a couple of these things:

  • Beef up your resume- Make sure it is up to date.
  • Volunteer- Volunteering always looks good to future employers whether it be related to your career field or just something you enjoy doing.
  • Make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date and if you don’t have one- make one!!
  • Use this time to do research on employers and if possible reach out to them to set up some informational interviews.

These are just a couple of things you could do over your spring break that can have a major impact on your career-related future.  If you need any help with on how to get started make sure you come see us when you get back from break!

SDSU Career Services is open from 8 AM  – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, so feel free to come into SSE 1200 anytime and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.  If you only have a little time or have a brief question you need answered we have walk in hours Monday-Thursday 1 – 2:45 PM and Fridays 10 – 11:45 AM.


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