Insider Tips from Employers

        Have you ever wondered how people get involved in jobs that help their careers? We sat down with Cathleen Dunne, Talent Acquisition Supervisor at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who shared some of the experiences that helped her land the job she has now.  Cathleen has been working for Enterprise for over 9 years now and is more than excited to share her past with us as well as give tips to current SDSU students on how to get ahead.


 SDSU Career Services: What was your first job?

Cathleen Dunne: At age 15, I worked at a bike store called Cycle Scene.  It was a great first job and taught me many things, including how to work with the public.  I stayed there throughout high school until I left for college.


SDSUCS: Who was an important mentor that helped you in deciding your career path?  


CD: An area manager at Enterprise.  They have an open door policy, in which if there was ever a problem they would be willing to talk about it until a solution came about.

SDSUCS: How many jobs have you had prior to the one you are currently working for?
CD: Outside of college none, but prior to that 3 different positions.

SDSUCS: What are some tips/advice you would give to job seekers today?


  • Look for jobs in your career path, and when you do so be sure to research the    company and get an understanding of the position you are applying for.  Also make sure you are well-prepared for your interview.  You can do so by looking up commonly asked interview questions or even coming to SDSU Career Services.  Take advantage of the different services offered here at Career Services.  


  • Stand out with your resume. Be involved in things other than school.  Separating yourself from others is the biggest key to setting yourself up for success.


  • Connect with employers on Linkedin.  I always am willing to connect with everyone on Linkedin.. I also post a lot of recruiting information and opening positions on Linkedin.

SDSUCS: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experiences with landing a job?

CD: Make sure you take advantage of Career Services as a student, because they have so many relationships with employers, and can definitely help you.

Well there you have it folks!  If you don’t have a Linkedin account, we suggest you get one now and Cathleen Dunne will be more than happy to connect with you.  SDSU Career Services is open from 8 AM  – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday,so feel free to come in anytime and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.  If you only have a little time or have a brief question you need answered we have walk in hours Monday-Thursday 1 – 2:45 PM and Fridays 10 – 11:45 AM.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events, and join our LinkedIn group to connect with fellow students, alumni, and recruiters eager to help you along your career path. Hope to see you soon!


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